Marketing Lists

Highly Effective Marketing Data

Would your business benefit from having access to highly detailed information about potential new customers within a target demographic, so that you effectively market to them?

Get Accurate List Data

For your campaign to be successful, it needs to start out right. That means having access to the most accurate, up-to-date marketing lists available. Don’t waste the company’s time and money working off an erroneous list. Use Real Green Marketing’s Marketing Lists to get the most up-to-date information on potential clients. With our lists, your marketing campaigns will reach more potential customers, generate more leads and cause each one to be successful.
  • New Homeowners
  • Home Value
  • Singe Family Dwellings/Residential Homeowner Lists (including name and full address)
  • Real Property Data with Lot Sizes (including name, address, lot size, estimated lawn size)
  • First Connect Phone Listings (includes new landlines at the address)
  • Update and Verify Data (data updates and verification (cancels, old estimates and marketing data))
  • Cell phone and email listings (*not available in all areas)


Your Most Effective Use of Marketing Data

How a business uses our marketing list often depends on the company’s primary service or product offerings. As an example, many of Real Green’s Lawn Care customers use the Real property data to provide estimates to their customers – without having to visit the actual home location.

The marketing data can also be a powerful tool when combined with our direct mail services, where our Every Day Direct Mail system can be used to generate professionally designed, customizable direct mail pieces that can be sent to potential customers from your list.


Our Commitment to Up-to-Date Marketing Data

With 18% of homeowners moving each year, marketing data that is not updated in the past two years over 36% inaccurate.

That’s why Real Green Marketing updates its marketing data each year – and often multiple times within each year – so that its’ clients have the assurance of using the most accurate list available at the time of an order.