Digital Marketing

MyLocal is an all in one online marketing solution for businesses that is can be quickly set up and is cost effective.

Certain areas of a site can be customized, such as pictures and colors. The layout is fixed, however, and are not able to be removed. This allows us to keep everything fully optimized so your company get the most out of its program.

We utilize a tracking phone number for each website. This number is different from your actual business phone number. When customers call the number, they are forwarded to your main business number. This allows us to track the volume of visitors on the website who call your business.

The MyLocal program takes approximately eight weeks to build.

Yes. Please contact your customer service rep for assistance anytime a change or update is needed on the site.

We update the content with new blogs every 30 days. Pictures and business info is updated upon request.

The average time for a new website to start ranking is three to six months.

We supply businesses with tools to make it easy for customers to leave a review, but it is up to each company to reach out to customers to ask them to write one. The easier it is for customers to write a review, the more likely they will follow through.


Minimum 150 to 300 DPI (dots per inch)

This depends on the complexity of the order, size and many other factors but in most cases 10 business days is standard from time of final proof approvals.

Proofs are important because they are your final look at the designed printed piece before we start the production process. It’s the very last chance to make changes without delay to the project. It’s the customer’s responsibility to carefully look over each proof. Once a proof approval is sent to us, we cannot reprint them without a new charge, even if an error is found later.

The is a color guide that all commercial printers use to match specific ink colors, typically referred to as a PMS color.

We provide various forms of printing including business cards, brochures, flyers, inserts, sales folders, postcards, NCR forms, checks, envelopes, lawn signs and much more. We also have a full-service mailing facility that can mail all types of letters and postcards etc.

Computer screens project light/images while the actual printed images reflect light.

Direct Mail

Marketing lists may provide information such as age, gender, occupation, and other types. For real estate properties, it may provide information such as swimming pool, year built, purchase date, people with children, income, home value and SQFT (lot size). If there are questions about the list, just ask us. we can also accommodate special requests.

It is order by order processing fee.

File updating is the process of verifying the names at specific addresses and adding or updating a name at that address. The Cass Address Certification process is validating the address of the listing to the postal address specifications for mailing purposes.

Marketing Lists

We only use national list providers that have been around for many, many years and provide the highest quality of information. Don’t get fooled by cheap versions of data. Inexpensive does not necessarily mean good quality. There are numerous companies selling bad data. Make sure the list you get is updated weekly or every 30 days and from a valid source. Inaccurate data will kill any marketing campaign response rate. Don’t be cheap when it comes to buying data. It’s the most important piece of a marketing plan and is typically the lowest cost of a marketing budget. We see it happen time and again. When companies skimp on data, it greatly reduces the overall response.

Real Green Marketing offers business lists, residential lists, new homeowner lists and many more. Give us a call! We can satisfy all your marketing lists needs.